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Tom Andriola

Recently I was interviewed by the UC IT blog about my new role at UCI. An excerpt of the interview is below; you can read the full interview at https://cio.ucop.edu/

Where’d You Go, Tom Andriola? Interview with UCI VC for Information, Technology & Data

Tom Andriola became vice chancellor of Information, Technology & Data at UC Irvine in September 2019. Most recently, he spent six years as UC system CIO at the UC Office of the President. In that role, he focused on building and connecting a universitywide community of IT professionals. Below he describes the transition to campus life.

Describe your role at UCI

As vice chancellor of Information, Technology & Data, I oversee all of the IT functions across the UC Irvine enterprise. But our campus and health system CIOs, along with other school leaders, are responsible for driving not just the operation but also the strategic relationships and priorities with our stakeholders. We all work together to help the enterprise make strategic investments in technology and data. This includes a very aggressive vision for the College of Health Sciences in the future of health and medicine, and the role of our data platform. I also play an external-facing role with Applied Innovation, which is our incubator, helping connect it to the broader business ecosystem.

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